11 U.S. States That Don't Tax Pensions

There are many considerations that go into which state to retire in, and the taxes on your pension should be one of them. Taxes can be burdensome for those who plan to live on all or a substantial amount of their pension, and there are 11 states that won't tax a public or qualified private pension. States That Don't Tax Public and Qualified Private Pensions Alabama Alaska Hawaii Illinois...

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401(k) vs. IRA: Which is better?

Summary: 401k has higher allowances for tax-deferred savings Your employer may provide "matching" contributions to your 401k plan You can borrow money from a 401k but not from an IRA... »

How Much Income do You Need to Qualify for a Mortgage?

The American dream remains to own your own home. However, with real estate values growing ever higher you must exercise financial care when house- and mortgage-hunting. This calculator will help... »

Financing a New Car with Bad Credit

Whether you have poor credit or absolutely no credit, there are several ways to finance a good, new vehicle. You don't have to be stuck driving a broken down, undependable... »
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