3 Commonly Overlooked Places - Finding Consumer Credit Help

There are a number of reasons that somebody might actively seek out consumer credit help. Whether they are checking the accuracy of their credit report, trying to protect their financial information, or finding a way out of longstanding debt. Sometimes, when dealing with credit issues, it may feel like you are alone and fighting an endlessly uphill battle. But before you give up, there are a few commonly overlooked places that you can get help with consumer credit.

The Federal Trade Commission

The entire purpose in the existence of the Federal Trade Commission is to protect America’s consumers. One of their major resources is their website where consumers can read up on a number of credit related topics. The idea here is that the more credit knowledge you have the smarter consumer you will be and the fewer financial problems you are likely to run into. The information most sought out will likely be under the “Consumer Protection” tab of their website, but there are financial resources all through their website.

Their Bureau of Consumer Protection is only one facet of the Federal Trade Commission. They also have the Bureau of Competition and the Bureau of Economics. These bureaus, along with their Office of General Counsel, constantly work to bring keep the general public educated on both personal and business financial practices, and to protect the financial interests of the individual against unfair and deceptive financial acts and practices.

Your Personal Bank

Many personal banking companies offer consultation and advice to those with a credit account or some other account with their bank. The reason for this is that they make money off of your money, and if all of their banking costumers fall on financial hard times, then they do as well. Therefore, it is in their best interests that you are well versed in how consumer credit information and other financial topics.

Often these services are free of charge if you already have an account with a particular bank. Consult your bank to find out if they offer any sort of credit counseling or credit building services. There are even programs now that offer small credit lines, loans, or other deals that are meant specifically to build credit.

The Internet

Perhaps so obvious that many don’t think about it, there are many nonprofit organizations with websites that offer free consumer credit help. Sometimes, like the FTC, this is in the form of information and financial education. Other times, such as with a company called Money Management or Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Counseling, these companies will offer free consultation regarding whatever credit issues or concerns you have.

There are nearly limitless resources on the web for finding out information, consulting with credit professionals, and building your credit. If you aren’t sure of where to start, simply do a basic keyword search for “consumer credit help” for general information. If you have a specific problem, do a keyword search for that and you are bound to find what you need to help yourself out.


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