5 Best Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards are one of the major benefits that you will receive from making purchases on a credit card. Although the high interest rates that come with credit cards are not in your best interest, the rewards can make up for them a little bit. Here are some of the best credit card rewards that are available in the market today.

1. Cash Back

It's hard to beat someone handing you cold, hard cash. This is why getting a credit card that offers cash back is so favorable. Many different credit cards are now offering a percentage of every purchase in the form of cash back. When you purchased certain goods, the percentage might be even higher than normal. Most of the time, this is applied as a credit to your credit card bill for the month.

2. Airline Miles

Although this is one of the oldest forms of credit card rewards available, it is still one of the best. Many people love to use credit cards that accumulate airline miles quickly. Considering that air travel is still expensive, it is no wonder that many people like to use this type of reward program. For each dollar that you spend, you will be able to get closer to a free airline ticket.

3. Theme Park Tickets

Another great reward is when you can receive theme park tickets. Many credit cards are now teaming up with theme parks in order to offer their customers something unique. For example, Disney theme park tickets are becoming a very common type of credit card reward. If you use a certain type of credit card, you will be able to finance a Disney vacation for up to six months without paying any interest. Getting free theme park tickets can take a big chunk out of the total bill for your vacation costs.

4. Clothing

Another popular type of credit card reward is clothing. Many people love to use their credit card points on replenishing their wardrobe. This can help you stay up-to-date on the latest fashions and enjoy yourself while shopping. There's nothing like picking out new clothing and then not having to pay for it.

5. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are becoming a very common type of reward for credit card companies today. You can get gift certificates for practically anything under the sun with most credit card reward programs. You can use these as gifts or you can keep them for yourself. One of the nice benefits of this type of program is that you can increase the amount of reward that you get back. For example, some of these programs will allow you to double the amount of what you would have been able to receive in cash if you take it in the form of a gift certificate. This will allow you to stretch your rewards even farther than what you would be able to do ordinarily.

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