Bad Credit: Card Approval In 3 Easy Steps

For individuals with bad credit card approval involves finding and then applying for a good credit card deal. This can be a bit time consuming but worth the effort. With the dramatic downturn in the economy, many people are finding themselves looking for an opportunity to rebuild their credit or simply have a safety net in case an emergency happens and they need to use a credit card.

Different Types of Cards
There are basically two different kinds of credit cards – secured and unsecured.

The most familiar type of card for most people is the unsecured card. With this kind of VISA or MasterCard, a company basically trusts the card holder to pay their bill on time and not exceed their credit limit. In return, the card company, hopefully, will reward the card holder by raising the card credit limit or lowering the interest rate charged. For individuals with poor credit, especially if it is recent bad credit, finding and being approved for an unsecured card can be a bit difficult.

The other type of credit card is a secured card. This type of credit card requires either a deposit – usually a few hundred dollars – or a bank account that is attached to approval for the card and the deposit or account must be maintained in order for the user to continue to use the card. In many cases, secured cards have low credit limits of only a few hundred dollars. However, it is often possible for cardholders to gradually increase their credit limit and slowly build good credit over time with a secured card.

Applying for a Card

Step 1
The first step is to find a card to apply to. The easiest way to accomplish this is to do an internet search for credit card companies that accept applicants with bad credit. There are also companies that operate as credit card clearing houses that allow an applicant to enter some basic information and provide several different application choices. The names of a few of these companies are:, and .

Step 2
Select the credit card you want to apply for and complete the online application.

Step 3
Wait for an answer. In many cases, you will have an answer within a few minutes with an online application.

In today’s world, many people have bad credit and finding credit cards that will work with them can be a bit daunting and intimidating. However, the process of finding these companies has become easier with large clearinghouses that list multiple credit companies that work with individuals who have poor credit but want the opportunity to repair and rebuild positive credit. The two most popular kinds of credit cards for people with poor credit are secured cards, which require a deposit before approval, and unsecured cards, which are a standard credit card that are approved based on credit history and ability to pay. With a concentrated effort at making payments in a timely manner and the wise carefully use of credit cards, it is possible to slowly build positive and beneficial credit.

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