Bankruptcy: Going to Court

Going to bankruptcy court is an essential part of the process of handling debt for many individuals. Here are a few things to consider about going to bankruptcy court.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Before you actually go to a court date, you are going to have to file for bankruptcy. Typically, this will be done at the bankruptcy court in the county clerk's office. You will need to provide them with information about your situation and pay a fee in order to file for bankruptcy.

Court Date

Once you have filed for bankruptcy and gone through credit counseling, you will then have to attend a court date. During this process, the court is going to help you come up with a solution to handle your debt. If you filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they are going to help you come up with a payment plan to repay your creditors. If you are filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, they are going to determine what assets of yours they can take. They will take any of your assets that can be used to repay your creditors. At that point, they will eliminate your debts for you and you will no longer owe your creditors anything.

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