Credit Card Application Instructions for People with Bad Credit

Some individuals may be hesitant to fill out a credit card application for people with bad credit. However, the process is easy and simple and often you have an answer within a few minutes.

Step 1
First, you need to find the credit card that works best for you. You can find companies that work with people with poor credit by looking at online credit card clearinghouse sites. A few of these sites include, and .

Step 2
After you have selected the card application for the type of card you believe will work for you, then complete the entire application. Usually you are asked for your legal name, your address and phone number and an email address if you are applying online. You also may be asked if you have a bank account and what type of bank account it is. You will also be asked about your income, including what type of income it is (self employed, student, employment, etc) and what your income level is.

Step 3
Finally, you will be shown the legal information about the card. This will include the initial interest rate, any fees that may be charged (annual fee, application fee) and other relevant information. It is important to read this information carefully so that you have an understanding of what you are agreeing to in the application.

Step 4
If you understanding this legal information and the summary of your application is correct, then click “submit” and you application will be send to the credit card company. Often you will receive an answer within a few minutes or they will send you a written answer in the mail.

Applying for credit cards is an easy and simple process, even if you have bad credit. With a few minutes, you can complete an application and have your answer quickly.

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