Credit Card Authorized User: When It Does and Doesn't Work

If you have added a credit card authorized user to your account or if you are thinking of adding one, you may wonder when this relationship works and when it doesn't work. Of course, mixing finances with any personal relationship can put a strain on that relationship, or it could lead to a better relationship.

If the credit card authorized user doesn't have good credit and there are things you know this person needs to purchase immediately, he or she will now be able to do so. If this person is trustworthy, he or she will repay you for the amount spent.

Adding a spouse or significant other as a credit card authorized user can also make life easier for both of you. If your credit is better, you should be able to get a better credit rate, and if he or she has access to this account, it just makes life simpler.

However, remember that having a credit card authorized user on your account can have a downside if the relationship you share goes sour. The authorized user could run up your credit card bill and leave you left to pay off the balance without any help. Since you are the one liable for this balance, there is nothing you can legally do about it.

This is why you should always think hard before adding any authorized users to your credit cards.

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