Credit Card Perks: 5 Top Out-of-the-Ordinary Perks

Credit card perks are one of the most common reasons that consumers use credit cards on a regular basis. While we are all familiar with accumulating airline miles, there are some other perks out there that you may not know about. Here are some of the top out-of-the-ordinary credit card perks available.

1. Phone Discounts

Some credit cards will provide you with a way to get a discount on phone services. Some credit card companies work closely with wireless providers in order to provide you with a rebate on your monthly phone bill. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, and it typically amounts to a big portion of monthly expenses. If you can use a credit card to get a discount, this can be very beneficial overall.

2. Free Credit Scores

Some credit cards will also allow you access to your FICO score whenever you want. As long as you have a credit card number, you will be able to gain access to your credit scores without paying a dime to see them. Seeing your credit score can be very beneficial when you are trying to get financing, as it will help you figure out which interest rates you can expect. It can also be beneficial to look at your score periodically in order to know if you have been a victim of identity theft. Some of these programs will allow you to access your credit score every single month for free.

3. Theme Park Tickets

Certain credit cards will also provide you with a way to purchase discounted theme park tickets or possibly even get them for free. For example, you can get a Disney credit card that will allow you to get discounted tickets to Disney World. If you purchase a trip to Disney World on your credit card, you can finance it with 0 percent interest for six months as well. For each dollar that you spend on the credit card, you may be able to earn points that can be converted into theme park tickets later on.

4. Gift Cards

Some credit cards will provide you with gift cards to certain retailers for doing business with them. In place of getting cash back, some credit cards will actually allow you to take a gift card instead. When you do this, the amount of the gift card will typically be more than the amount of cash that you could have received. This means that if you want to maximize the benefits that you get back, it might be to your advantage to consider getting gift cards.

5. Airport Lounges

You might be able to gain access to certain airport lounges if you are a cardholder. Many airports have certain high-class lounge areas available to passengers of a specific airline. If you have the right credit card, you may be able to gain access to these lounges regardless of which airline you are flying. This will allow you to get away from the crowds and relax a bit before your flight.

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