Credit Card Processing Online: Security Tips

Credit card processing online is generally designed to be safe, but there are situtations that require a little extra security measures.  Here is a look at some security tips that you can employ to keep yourself safe when shopping with your credit card online.

Giving Out Information

You need to be absolutely careful when you are giving information out online.  Shopping online is designed to be safe and secure, and there are many security features in place online to keep you safe.  Diligence is always the best thing that you can do in order to keep yourself adequately protected. Make sure that you are only sharing your personal information with trustworthy companies.

Public Computers and Sharing Computers

If you are sharing a computer, or if you are using a public computer, then you need to make sure that the temporary internet cookies are cleared out and that any temporary internet files are removed from the computer before you log off or walk away.  If you do not delete this information, someone could potentially find the personal information that you used the computer to input and use it against you later.

Shopping Securely

You should shop on websites that are secure.  There are two sure fire ways to determine whether or not a website is secure.  First, and foremost, in the very bottom right hand corner of your web browser you should see a lock icon, and it should appear locked.  If there is no lock icon or if the lock icon appears to be open or unlocked, then the website is not a secure site.

The other option for determining whether or not a website is secure is to look at the website's URL.  A website that is using built in security for online shopping is not going to begin with http://, but rather it is going to begin with https://, which means that it is a secure website. These two characteristics mean that you can trust that your information is reasonably safe.  If you cannot find either of these two qualities, then you need to find a new place to shop online.

Recommendations and Reviews

If you are unsure about whether or not a particular website is safe for shopping, recommendations and reviews from other people can help.

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