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Searching for the best unsecured credit card to fit your needs can be a daunting task. They all offer different programs, different interest rates, and different fees. Here’s a short list of some of the best programs out there.

Cash Back Programs

Most unsecured card companies now offer cards with some kind of cash back incentive. Some of these cards offer cash back on all purchases, and some limit the type of purchases required for the cash back. Some of them will issue you a check every quarter, some add the cash back towards your balance, and some offer rebate coupons or gift certificates. American Express offers several cash back programs on their revolving credit cards, as well as Chase, Discover, and even Capital One.

Airline Miles

If you travel frequently you can find cards that offer you airline miles. These programs usually will transfer miles to your frequent flyer accounts automatically. You can check with the airline you travel with most often to find what card companies they are affiliated with. Delta and Jet Blue are affiliated with American Express, and many companies will offer you the choice to send miles to any frequent flyer account.

Low Interest Cards

Many card companies are taking advantage of the fact that many Americans live on credit by offering low interest rates and balance transfer rates. Before you opt for one of these make sure you understand the terms, and the length of time if it’s an introductory rate.

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