Don't Overpay for Prepaid Debit Cards

If you are not careful, you can easily overpay for prepaid debit cards, just as you can for anything else. There is an abundance of companies offering these prepaid debit cards, and of course, not every company is going to charge the same fees or the same amounts in fees.

You can expect to be charged fees such as an activation fee and a fee to reload your card. These are normal fees.

However, some companies will go beyond the normal fees and will charge their customers for things such as the following:

  • calling customer service,
  • checking the balance on your card or
  • inactivity.

A customer can easily pay up to $30 to get a prepaid debit card up and running with the activation and loading fee before any money is actually placed on the card for other spending. This is reason enough for the customer to spend a few extra minutes before signing up for a prepaid credit card. The customer should carefully read the terms of service agreement that come with the card so that he or she can understand any and all extra fees that may also be applied.

Then if a customer does not like any of these extra fees, he or she can continue shopping for one with better terms and fewer fees. Comparison shopping can be a hassle but can save customers valuable money in the long run for prepaid debit cards.


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