Financial Security - Entering Your Bank Card PIN Online

Predators are constantly on the prowl to gain the personal financial information of others. With this in mind, it is imperative for individuals to exercise security bank card protocol when using the Internet. Entering a bank card PIN online is an action that should not have to be taken during the course of normal online transactions. When it is requested to complete an online transaction, red flags should go up.

When Using a PIN Is OK

To ensure security, bank card users should keep in mind the types of transactions that do call for the use of a PIN. In the online arena, there is only one major circumstance where a PIN number might be called for.

For general use, a PIN is only called for when:

  •  An ATM machine is used
  •  At checkout counters when social security debit cards, credit cards and bank debit cards are used

Information That Is Required for Online Transaction

To make a purchase online using plastic, this information will be required:

  • The card number
  • The security code, or three-digit number on the back of a card
  • The expiration date

The Exception to the Rule

Entering a security bank card PIN number might be called for to check online for account balances. To stay safe, go to a bank’s web site directly before entering account information and PIN numbers. Do not click on e-mailed links that lead to a bank web site.

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