How to Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit

If you have poor credit you may be wondering how to get a credit card with bad credit. However, there are actually some very simple and easy ways around this problem that you can use to get a credit card and begin to build good credit.

Credit Clearinghouses
There are a number of companies online that provide applications to credit card companies that work with individuals who have bad credit.  These companies include –, and .

Once you have found the credit card you believe you want to apply for, simply fill out the application, which requires you to provide your personal information.

After you have completed the application, usually you will have an answer within a few minutes, they will mail you your acceptance information along with your new credit card.

Having poor credit can be a difficult situation. However, it is still easy to find credit card companies willing to work with individuals who have bad credit but want to rebuild positive credit. By going to an online credit card clearinghouse, you can look at the offerings of several different credit card companies and compare cards.

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