How To Make A Payment By Credit Card

Nowadays you can pay for virtually anything through payment by credit card. Even if you aren’t in person you can still generally pay through credit. Here are a few things to remember when making a payment by credit card.

Payments by Phone

Most credit card companies have a verification process tied in to their credit approval systems. When you are making a payment by phone the merchant isn’t able to check your ID and verify that you are the card owner. Instead they will rely on other methods. You must have the card in front of you when purchasing something over the phone. The merchant will ask for the card number, the expiration date, and possibly the CVC number (this stands for card verification code). On most cards this is a three digit code found on the back of the card, to the right of the signature line. These codes wear off the card rather easily, so be sure you know the card number and can read it before making a phone purchase. If you have an American Express card, this number is a four digit code is on the front of the card to towards the top left hand side.

Payments in Person

If you are presenting your card in person to a merchant they only have to swipe the card through their terminal. Depending on how it’s set up they may or may not have to enter more information. Payments in person are the easiest form of making a payment with a credit card. If the magnetic stripe has worn the card may not swipe properly. Sometimes using a piece of paper over the stripe or a plastic bag can help it to swipe. If this doesn’t work then the card would have to be entered manually.

Online Payments

Internet payments work the same as the phone payments. The verification process will check your address against the billing address and gather the necessary information to get an approval. You will still need the card in front of you to input all the pertinent information.

Official Payments Corp

Often times you want to make a payment to an agency that doesn’t accept credit card payments. Taxes, child support, and some utility companies won’t accept payments through credit card methods. You can use places like Official Payments Corp to make these payments with your card. You first want to check with the agency to see if they will accept these payments. The agency you are trying to pay will have all the information you need regarding account numbers when you make the payment. The payments can take several days to post this way, but it at least offers you the ability to make a payment with a credit card.

Third Party Credit Card Processors

If you are making a purchase via the internet and don’t want to provide your card information directly to the merchant for safety reasons, you can use a third party processor, like PayPal. These processors take all the information for you and submit a payment directly to the merchant without divulging your card information. This is a popular payment method for small internet businesses, and online auction sites.

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