How to Maximize Success in Credit Repair Disputes

A consumer can maximize their success in a credit repair dispute by presenting information that proves that an error has occurred. A consumer should be able to document and present a well-written letter regarding the error. Also, the issues should be promptly presented to the credit reporting bureau. Removing errors from a consumer credit report is one of the ways a consumer can raise their credit score and improve their chances to qualify for lower interest rates and loans.

Write a Letter

Maximizing success in a credit repair dispute starts with writing a persuasive, respectful but strongly-worded letter that outlines the nature of the dispute with the credit reporting bureau.  This letter should include documentation that supports the consumer’s claim that the debt or item has been resolved with the creditor.

Deal Firmly with Credit Reporting Bureau

It is important for a consumer to be firm when dealing with a credit reporting bureau and follow-up frequently. Any letter sent should be sent certified mail with a return receipt request for the consumer’s files. Placing a carbon copy (cc) to the Federal Trade Commission may also help to maximize success and motivate the credit reporting bureau to act quickly. Always write letters and do not call the bureaus directly for information or dispute an item. A consumer that documents their communications with the credit reporting bureau in question has a better chance for a successful outcome.  Also, follow-up every thirty days because the credit issuer is required to respond within 30 days, or remove the disputed account.

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