Three Tips for Finding a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can help you successfully navigate state and federal bankruptcy laws to obtain much-needed debt relief. Don’t make the mistake of picking an attorney at random out of the phone book, however. Carefully evaluating your options for legal counsel ensures that you find an attorney you are comfortable with.

Question Various Attorneys

Make a list of all of the questions you have about Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Visit bankruptcy attorneys in your area who offer a free consultation and ask your questions. Consider which attorneys gave the most informative and easiest to understand answers. Once your bankruptcy is underway, you’ll likely have additional questions. Thus, it is vital to find an attorney who can explain things to you without confusing you even more.

Look for an Attorney with Experience

Experience counts when it comes to bankruptcy. The longer an attorney has specialized in bankruptcy, the more complex situations she has encountered. An experienced attorney can make the difference between a favorable outcome and a disastrous outcome if your bankruptcy case gets complicated.

Consider the Fees

Attorneys all have different fee schedules and billing practices. The cheapest attorney may not always be the best choice, but the most expensive one almost certainly isn’t. Look for an attorney with good qualifications who charges fees you can afford.

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