What Can Debt Settlement Attorneys Do for You?

Utilizing debt settlement attorneys is very common for borrowers that are in deep debt. If you have gotten yourself into a level of debt that you can not handle alone, a debt settlement attorney could potentially help. Here are the basics of what a debt settlement attorney could do for you and whether or not you should consider one. 

Stop the Calls

One thing that a debt settlement attorney can do for you is stop the collection calls that you receive. If you have ever been in debt, you know the feeling that you get when a debt collector repeatedly calls you. It is a hopeless feeling and a great annoyance. When you hire an attorney to represent you, they can make the calls stop. According to the law, if you hire an attorney, debt collectors have to communicate with them instead of you. When a debt collector calls you, refer them to your attorney's office. If the same debt collector calls you again, they are in violation of the law. The lawyer will handle all communications with the creditors on your behalf from that point. 


A big part of the debt settlement process centers around negotiation. If you want to successfully settle your debt, you are going to have to negotiate a settlement with your creditor. Many people hate to negotiate. For those people, a debt settlement attorney can help them out tremendously. An attorney will be able to contact the creditor for you and negotiate on your behalf. 

When you utilize a debt settlement attorney, you can feel relatively comfortable that you got the best settlement that you could have got. Debt settlement involves the process of the creditor taking less money than what they are owed. When you negotiate this settlement, you might not be able to get as good of a deal as you could have with an attorney. Debt settlement attorneys deal with this process every day. They have a good feeling for how much a creditor will take on a debt. 

Credit Help

As part of the negotiation process, the attorney may be able to help you as far as your credit is concerned as well. Creditors can choose what to put on your credit report and it does not help them to hurt your credit rating. Therefore, an attorney may be able to use this as part of the negotiation process. They can ask the creditor to remove any negative information on your credit report in exchange for the settlement. This could potentially help you in the short-term as well as in the long-term. 


While working with a debt settlement attorney can be helpful, there are a few potential negatives as well. For example, you will have to pay a fee for their services that could be substantial. Also, they may agree to something on your behalf that you do not completely understand. This could potentially damage your credit or your financial situation. 

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