What You Need for Manual Credit Card Processing

Manual credit card processing is the means by which the merchant will process all payments.

How It Works

You can manually process any online, by phone, or mail orders you receive if you have a merchant account and a credit card processing terminal or a web browser.

When a customer places an order, you will receive an email notification that the order has been made. Your shopping cart will automatically collect this data and your customer’s credit card information will be safely stored on a hosting server that you can retrieve by logging into your account. You will then take the information and manually process it through your credit card terminal, online, or by contacting the bank. For phone or mail orders, you can access a virtual terminal to process this information.

Some processors offer a secure environment to print out the orders and credit card information from your online customers. This can save time and money. Understand, however, that address verification and fraud protection are not built in when you choose to manually process credit cards, and sending vital credit card information through email is not a safe practice.

If you process more than 100 transactions per month, the process of manually entering the information can become time consuming. For larger monthly transaction rates, you may want to look into real-time processing, which will automatically process this information for you.

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