Credit cards can be a wonderful convenience when used properly. However, if abused, they can turn into an extremely long-lasting nightmare. They're obtainable in a variety of types, each suited to a specific purpose. Some cards come with perks and bonuses; others only offer high fees. There are cards available for those with good credit, and cards for people who have bad- or even no credit. Credit cards can build, destroy, and even help build again your credit history.
What Is The Best Secured Credit Card?
Knowing the best secured credit card is helpful when deciding to apply for a new credit card.... »
Fight your Credit Card's High Interest Rate
Every day, it seems, we receive a credit card application in the mail offering an introductory interest... »
Open-End Credit Accounts
An open-ended credit account, also known as a revolving account, is a credit plan in which the... »
Origin and History of Credit Cards
Credit cards got their start in the United States just before the beginning of World War I.... »
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