Because we live in a credit culture, it stands to reason that we must also reside in a debt culture. But it isn't simple debt that causes many a sleepless night among so many people – it is excess debt. The information of this section will discuss many facets of debt management and settlement, from recognizing the warning signs of too much debt to negotiating with creditors and, if necessary, handling bankruptcy. Having good information concerning your legal rights, responsibilities and options will help you cope if you ever need to take such drastic measures.
Debt Collection: How to Report FDCPA Violations
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides a set of guidelines that all debt collectors... »
How a Credit Card Debt Collection Agency Works
A credit card debt collection agency collects individuals' debts on behalf of credit card companies. A collection... »
Negotiating with Creditors
Negotiating with creditors is certainly not an easy task. They may be pushy, obnoxious, intimidating, or downright... »
Re-Aging Delinquent Accounts
Re-aging your credit accounts is a technique that can be used to help clean up your credit... »
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