3 Free Budgeting Resources for the Organizationally Impaired

There are many free budgeting resources that you could potentially use to help organize your finances. Here are a few of the best free budgeting resources available in the market.

1. Mint

Mint is one of the leading authorities in the budgeting software industry. This is an online budgeting application that allows you to keep track of your finances easily. It will link into your financial accounts and bring back the information to the budgeting software. This allows you to access information about your budget in real-time as transactions take place. With this resource, they will periodically offer you different products to help you save money. This is how they make their money but you are not required to use any of them.

2. Microsoft Office Accounting Express

This is a budgeting tool that was developed by Microsoft. It is freely available online and it can really help you stay on top of your finances. This can be used for small businesses and for individuals alike.

3. Buddi

Buddi is a free budgeting tool that you can download to your computer. This allows you to break down your money into several different categories in an easy to access format. This is one of the simpler budgeting applications to use.

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