Creating a Budget while Unemployed

Creating a budget while being unemployed is indeed a daunting task – be it for an individual or a family. Even with unemployment payments, most people will be hard put to make both ends meet during the unemployment phase.

It is a fact that due to economic recession, there is a tremendous job loss and unemployed people are steadily on the increase. During the period of unemployment, one has to be austere and learn to live with spending less money.

Reduce Expenses and Save Money

One constructive way to reduce expenses and save money every month during the unemployment phase is to formulate a pragmatic budget, examining how the monthly expenses are met. Make out a list of luxuries that can be straightaway eliminated without experiencing much discomfort.

Suggestions for Creating a Budget while Unemployed

Here are some valuable suggestions how to curtail expenses during unemployment:

1. People who are accustomed to regularly dining out and watching movies and attending social parties must give up this extravagance. Instead plan on dinner outings once a month and an occasional movie and also eat out not in fancy restaurants but moderately priced ones.

2. If you are already having two cars, it may be prudent to dispose off one car. The money obtained by selling one car can come in handy to meet a lot of routine expenses. Using a single car may mean dropping the kids off at school, your spouse off at work and again picking them up in the evenings. It is no doubt strenuous and lot more inconvenient. Instead, it may be advisable to use the car sparingly and rely more on public transport. This way, you can also save a lot of money that you otherwise would spend on gas.

3. Even if unemployed, you still need to eat to survive. But instead of throwing money to buy pre-made food, you can opt to cook your own food spending less money. It will not only prove cheaper but also healthier. It is acknowledged fact that the huge quantities of junk food we consume are the cause for many ailments. Try to also avoid as far as possible buying fancy ice cream, chips, cookies etc.

4. Many people own several CDs that they may no longer seriously need and also a large number of already read books. You can raise a lot of money disposing of these CDs and books. This can be a great way to supplement your monthly income while on unemployment.

5. One of the most effective ways to save meaningful money every month while unemployed is to shift to an accommodation on less rent. Unemployment is a difficult phase and you must be willing to forego some comforts.

6. Study carefully the 401K and other retirement investments to explore the possibility of using these funds for emergencies. It is certainly wise not to spend these funds, but it is also good to know that you can rely on them for contingencies.

7. Contact some insurance companies to discuss about unemployment insurance and any other options that they may have. You may be able to extend your health insurance from your previous employer, or you may have other similar facilities.

8. Please know there are many sources of help and you need not be utterly despondent. You can ask friends and relatives for temporary financial support while you are looking for a job. You can look into getting help from non-profit or government programs for the unemployed.

It can also be said that unemployment is a blessing in disguise as it gives people a chance to rest and perhaps reevaluate their lives and chalk out future programs. It can be a learning experience on how to be austere, curtail extravagance and live on a smaller budget.

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