Do Gas Saving Gadgets Actually Work?

If you are looking to try to save money on gas chances are you have at least looked into one of the many gas saving gadgets out there. The fact of the matter is that many of them do not work, and those that do offer such small fuel savings, it's not really saved you any money at all because of the initial investment in the gadget. If you are thinking of using a fuel injector cleaner or other gas additive to boost your gas mileage, think again. It has been shown these additives actually do more harm than good because they are known to gunk up important parts of the fuel system and even the engine. Prolonged use of these additives can cost you a lot more in auto repair bills than you could ever save in gas money.

Rather than turning to gas saving gadgets to try to save money on gas, alter the way you drive. Coast down hills rather than pushing on the gas. Drive the speed limit because driving faster will lessen your gas efficiency. Don't weigh down your car, and only use the vehicle's air conditioning when you absolutely have to. These are small ways you can improve the gas mileage of your car without having to invest in gadgets.

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