How to Control Costs in Budgeting

Too few people actually engage in cost budgeting to ensure they are meeting their fiscal goals. The result of this lack of budgeting skill is a high amount of debt; in fact, the average American has over $8,000 in credit card debt alone,according to Nilson in 2009. If you want to budget to control costs, start by evaluating your goals then begin budgeting for expenses.

Goal Setting

Start with a goal. You may be aiming to pay off your credit card bill in six months, save for a home down payment in two years or save for retirement in 20 years. Your goal may be as simple as living without debt. In any case, it is impossible to budget without a goal.

Zero Budgeting

Zero budgeting can mean different things to different people, but in this case it means starting from zero and considering each expense. Instead of simply assuming you will spend $500 on groceries this month, actually write out a grocery list with coupon and savings included to determine how much you can reasonably spend. Do not use your current phone bill as part of your budget; consider what a reasonable phone payment would be, and eliminate add-ons on your package to reach this price. Zero budgeting aims to re-write and re-evaluate your expenses.

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