Make Budgeting Simple with a Spreadsheet

There are a number of simple budgeting methods that you could use to stay on top of your finances. One method in particular that can help is utilizing a spreadsheet. Here are the basics of how a spreadsheet can help you in your budgeting process.

Budgeting with Spreadsheets

When trying to budget your personal finances, a spreadsheet can be a very valuable tool to utilize. Using a spreadsheet, allows you to break everything down into categories and keep track of each individual expense. In order to get started, divide all of your expenses into certain categories. Divide them into things like groceries, entertainment, gas, fuel and other living expenses. You can then set up a specific budget for each one of these areas.

At this point, you will want to keep track of each individual transaction that you have. You can put each transaction in its own box and set up a formula to automatically deduct that amount from the total budget for each category. Therefore, you always have a running total of what is left to spend for that category. While it will take some work to keep track of all of these transactions, it will allow you to stay on top of your finances.

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