Planning a Wedding Budget: Less Expensive Days for Weddings

When planning a wedding budget, don’t neglect to include the cost of a wedding venue in your plans. Unless you plan to marry at a loved one’s home or your family’s religious center, you’ll likely need to pay to reserve a wedding location.

Get Married during the Week

More couples get married on the weekend than during the week. Because of this, wedding venues almost always cost more to reserve on the weekend. By contrast, some of the most popular wedding venues struggle for weekday booking. If you’re willing to get married during the week, you can save money while still reserving the wedding venue you want.

Get Married during the Off Season

The most popular months for weddings are May, June and October. It’s during these times that popular wedding venues charge the most money. Expect to pay a lower booking fee during less popular months for weddings, such as January and September.

Book with Your Local Government

Many small towns and large cities alike possess beautiful public parks that can serve as wedding venues. Local governments are often willing to rent parks for private functions at an hourly rate that is much cheaper than the rate at some popular wedding locations.

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