Planning a Wedding on a Budget

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, then you need some great tips on how to save money. There are so many ways to save cash on your wedding, but still have a beautiful wedding and lots of fun. Having a wedding on a budget is a smart idea, since this means you are not going into debt for your wedding like so many couples do. By doing thing yourself and being flexible, you can save a lot of cash.

Have a Small Wedding

A small wedding equals huge savings. Every person you invite costs you money on food, drinks, invitations and favors. Cut back on the guest list and only have people you truly want to share your day with. This will save you money and, make your day more enjoyable.

Have a Mid-Week Wedding

By choosing to have your wedding in the middle of the week, and not on a Friday or Saturday, you can save on the church, reception hall, catering and photographer. These service are in high demand on the weekend, but not so much in the middle of the week which means they will offer their services for much less.

Save On Postage

Every invitation costs you about 3 stamps. The invitations are often heavy and need two stamps to mail. Plus the return envelope for RSVP is another stamp. Print lighter invitations, and consider an RSVP by email or phone. This can save you 2 stamps for every guest, which can be a lot of cash.

Save on Decorations

A great way to save on decorations is to have your wedding near a holiday like Easter or Christmas. The church will already be decorated and you can save on flowers. Also, consider making some of your own decorations or buying them second hand on eBay. When the wedding is over, you can resell some of these items and get back most of your money.

Buy Secondhand

A wedding dress is a very expensive purchase. You can buy wedding dresses second hand at a dress shop on an on-line auction. It does not need to fit perfectly, you can have it altered. A wedding dress is worn one time, why not let someone else make that expensive purchase and then you snag it later at a second hand shop?

Recruit Friends and Family Members

A great way to save money and make your wedding more special at the same time is to have family and friends help with some of the preparations.  You can have someone do the photography, someone else help with catering, and maybe you know someone to help with sewing the dresses. If you look around at your loved ones, you can probably find some very talented individuals eager to help with the preparation.

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