Small Business: How to Cut Down on Paper Costs

In order to cut down on small business costs, there are a number of different steps that you can potentially take. One large expense that many companies overlook is that of paper. Here are a few suggestions on how to cut down on paper costs for your small business.

Online Memos

Many businesses regularly send memos to the employees in their company. When they do this, they will typically print it up on some type of letterhead or just regular paper. If you send several memos, this can add up to a lot of paper wasted every year. Instead of utilizing paper, you should consider sending the memos online. By setting up a company e-mail system, you will be able to send memos directly. There is not going to be any costs associated with this and you will not have to buy nearly as much paper.

Discounted Paper

You should also look into ways to purchase discounted paper. There are a number of places that you can buy paper cheaper when you buy in bulk. You should consider going to some of the warehouse stores like Sam's Club or Costco in order to get a considerable discount on large amounts of paper. You can also go online and find several discount paper sellers. 

Online Business

Many companies do business with vendors and other clients by using a large amount of paper. They will write up an invoice on paper and even send physical billing statements to their clients. Instead of doing this, you can set up an online system to take care of this process. Many companies are now going to online order processing systems that can avoid using paper in most cases. This is especially applicable if you are an online retailer. You can set up a system where clients can make purchases from your website and they will be able to receive an e-mailed receipt or statement. By doing this, you will be able to eliminate the majority of the paper that you consume every year.

Careful Use

You also need to put an emphasis on making the best use of the paper that you do purchase. One of the best ways that you can do this is to set all of your printers and copiers to print on both sides of a piece of paper. Many copiers or printers are only set up to print on one side of the paper. Then, if you print out multiple pages, you are going to use one piece of paper for each page of text. By printing on both sides, you will be able to cut the number of pages that you use in half. You should also tell your employees to put an emphasis on using the entire piece of paper, regardless of what they are doing. By using the whole piece of paper, you will be able to cut back on the amount of paper that you buy.

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