Small Business Uses for Line-Item Budgeting

When small businesses want to keep a close eye on their finances, they often use line-item budgeting. This particular economic tool allows them to note each item they trade and record a specific cost for it. The business can then distribute the budget to the items until there is none left. There are a number of reasons small businesses might decide to use line-item budgeting to allocate their finances.

Regulation of Spending

In a small business, any budget will usually be small and very stretched. Line-item budgeting allows the owner of the business to tightly control spending, preventing losses through over-purchasing. When you are running a small business, pre-allocating funds in this way can allow you to decide exactly how much of an item you need. It also allows you to put more money into important items and reduce expenditure on those that are inessential.

Accounting for the Budget

Line-item budgeting is also a useful accounting tool for a small business. Budgeting in this way allows you to keep control of every dollar. This can be vital when submitting forms to the IRS or when reporting a loss. Being able to establish where funds have gone is essential.

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