Useful Budgeting Tools for Financial Awareness

Using budgeting tools can provide you with a way to increase your financial awareness and stay on top of your financial situation. There are many different budgeting tools out there that you could potentially use. Here are a few useful budgeting tools for creating financial awareness.

Envelope Budgeting System

One traditional budgeting system that you could use is called envelope budgeting. With this system, you are going to divide your spending up into different categories. You will write the name of each category on an envelope. You will also decide how much money you are going to dedicate to each spending category for a particular period. Then when you get paid, you are going to cash your paycheck and put the appropriate amount of money into each envelope. As you incur expenses, you will take the money out of the appropriate envelope and spend it. This creates financial awareness because it allows you to see exactly how much money is left in each category until you are paid again. This way, you can alter your spending in order to make it until the next pay period. When you run out of money in a particular envelope, you are not going to be able to purchase anything else until you are paid again and you can replenish the envelope.

Online Budgeting Software

Another useful tool that you can use is online budgeting software. There are a number of different online budgeting software programs out there that you can use to increase your financial awareness. These programs can actually link into your financial accounts in order to give you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your financial situation. You can use some of the same techniques as you did with envelope budgeting with most of the software. You will be able to divide your expenses up into different categories, and then the money will be subtracted from the appropriate category when you make a purchase. This type of software is very convenient because it allows you to track your spending without having to deal with cash or do the calculations yourself. This creates financial awareness because it allows you to see at any given time where you stand with your spending in a particular category. These tools can also be very helpful because they give you a total picture of your financial situation. You will be able to easily look at your net worth and debt accounts at the same time.


Another tool that you can use is a simple spreadsheet. You can do this with a piece of paper or with a spreadsheet program on your computer. This will allow you to track every expense that you have. A spreadsheet will be useful because you will have to manually enter each transaction on your own. This will make you think about everything that you buy, and eventually, you will be able to stick to a tighter budget.

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