Valentine's Day on a Budget

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan a wonderful way to say 'I Love You' to that special person in your life. Of course, with the economy currently not looking very 'rosy' at all, you may be wondering just how you're going to be able to do something really special. Well, fret not – it's not only possible to create a great Valentine's atmosphere without causing undue trauma to your bank account, with the right attitude and attention to detail it could indeed turn out to be one of the most memorable days you've spent together. Use the ideas below as an outline, and feel free to improvise with your own additions or 'adjustments' along the way:

  • Once the children are off to bed, set your plan in motion. Prepare a special Valentine's dessert for both your Valentine and you. Focus your attention around whatever his or her favorite dessert is. If they're a fan of chocolate, you might make a molten chocolate mini-cake for each of you. Tiramisu is another easy option. Or, if you're not the baking type, whip up a fruit parfait. Create layers with a pound cake from your local grocery store's bakery section, vanilla pudding and fresh fruit. Top it off with whipped topping and ooh-la-la!
  • Now, lay out a blanket on the floor of your living room to make it a romantic little picnic area. Light candles around the room to set the mood in the room for your special dessert. (If the room lights can be dimmed, that will work as well). Place a few pillows around the edges of the blanket to give you something to lean on. And, don't forget to turn on some romantic music, but keep it soft enough that just fades smoothly into the background.
  • Watch a romantic dinner on your picnic blanket after you've enjoyed your Valentine's Day dessert. Enjoy a single glass of wine and relax together – just the two of you with no distractions or everyday cares. Some of the best movies to use for this special evening are the old romantic movies that you can get on DVD.
  • Next, share a slow dance with your Valentine after the movie is over. This is a traditional way to celebrate Valentine's Day that seems to have been all but forgotten. Remember, you don't need to be in a fancy restaurant to slow dance with the one you love. Just pop in a romantic CD, hit the 'repeat' switch and dance for as long as the mood takes you.
  • But, oh, it gets better. Finish off your romantic Valentine's Day by giving each other a sensual massage. You can pick up inexpensive massage oil at any drug store. Use the blanket that you've already laid out for your picnic or, if you'd rather, feel free to retire to a more secluded area of the house. We're sure you know what to do.

You see? A wonderful evening; and what's more, you'll still have money in the bank when you wake up the following morning. Although Valentine's Day has become alarmingly commercial over the years, there's really no need to break the family budget. The best things in life are still free.

And, by the way, there's really no law that says you have to wait for a holiday to roll around before you can set up a little rendezvous like this. Every day of the year is open season to show your special someone how much you love them.

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