Wedding Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

You don't need a huge wedding budget in order to have the wedding of your dreams. There is no need to spend your life savings on your wedding, or even worse, go into debt. There are so many ways to save money, that there are options for every budget. It just takes a little time, effort and flexibility.

1. Have a Smaller Wedding

Lots of guests mean more money spent on food, drinks, favors, invitations, thank you notes, table and chair rentals and reception hall rental. A small wedding can allow you more wiggle room in your budget, and it may mean you can have the things you really want for a small crowd, as opposed to food, drinks and decorations you are settling for because of the larger guest list.

2. Have a Destination Wedding

This goes along the same line as a small wedding. A destination wedding will usually have few gusts because of the costs that the guests incur. Only close family and friends need to be invited. Guests pay for their own rooms and flights if they choose to come. Many resorts offer great packages that include the wedding and reception, and some offer free rooms to the bride and groom if their family and friends book a certain number of rooms. This can be a cheap alternative to a traditional wedding, and it is tons of fun for everyone.

3. Buy Second Hand

eBay and consignment shops can be a wedding goldmine. Why purchase everything new when you will use it for a few hours and then pack it away forever? Second hand stores and on-line auctions can get you great deals on dresses, shoes, decorations and favors. When the wedding is over, why not sell them back to the second hand shop or sell the items on-line yourself? You can recoup some of the costs associated with the wedding, and find a new home for items you won't use again.

4. Think Outside The Box

You don't have to conform to traditional norms. Consider having your wedding on a weekday for huge cost savings. Reception halls and church rentals will be cheaper on a Tuesday than a Saturday. This goes the same for a band and catering costs. These services are in high demand on the weekend, but not in the middle of the week.

5. Do It Yourself

There are so many things that you can pay top dollar for, or you can do it yourself for pennies on the dollar. Make your own invitations, decorations, and favors. Have a musically talented friend be your entertainment. Have friends or family do the catering. Have a loved one do all the photography. These services add up quickly, and so many things can be done yourself.

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