Wedding Budget: 6 Hidden Wedding Costs

Having a wedding budget is important to keep costs in line. You budget for the dress, the food, reception hall, tuxedo rentals and photographer. There are many extra charges that you may not know about, and if you add them up they might just blow your budget. It is important to know what charges to expect and how to minimize them so your wedding can go off without a hitch.

1. Wedding Bands

The band can charge extra fees that you may not be aware of. Depending on the location and size of the venue, the band may have to rent extra equipment. When interviewing the band, explain what the hall will be like and ask if there would be additional fees. If so, compare the fees as part of the total package when price comparing bands. This can save you hundreds of dollars by checking ahead.

2. Postage

Postage can be a huge unexpected wedding cost. The average wedding invitation uses at least three stamps. The 2010 rate for a stamp is forty-four cents. That would equal at least one dollar and thirty-two cents per invitation. Multiply that by one or two hundred guests, and you have a tidy sum of money spent on stamps. A possible way to alleviate that burden is to print lighter invitations. Without the heavy cardstock you can skip a stamp.

3. Overtime Costs

The photographer will charge you for a block of time. Anytime after that could cost hundreds per hour. Remember that you will want them to capture you getting dressed and time before the actual wedding, so factor that in when creating a time schedule for the photographer.

4. Taxes

Taxes are inevitable and there is nothing you can do about it. Taxes will vary greatly depending on how much money you are spending and the area of the venue. A wedding planner may be able to help estimate what you will owe ahead of time so there isn't sticker shock.

5. Cake Cutting Fee

That's right, you will be charged to have your cake cut and served. If you choose a cake that the reception hall provides then this fee is included. If you bring in your cake from an outside bakery then the reception hall will charge you to serve the cake. This is because their staff has to cut, serve and wash dishes. This service can cost anywhere from two to five dollars per guest.

6. Dress Alterations

A wedding dress in itself is a pricey purchase. Most brides have a budget for how much they will spend on their dress. The alterations are usually not figured into their budget and they can cost a pretty penny. Just a hem can cost one hundred dollars. Take the dress to an outside seamstress instead of using the dress store for alterations to cut costs.


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