What Are the Advantages of Line Item Budgeting?

Line item budgeting is a system in which each separate line item is represented in the budget. With this technique, you will typically only make incremental adjustments to each line on them at the beginning of each period. Here are some of the advantages of line item budgeting.

Easy to Prepare

One of the biggest advantages of line item budgeting is that it is very simple to prepare. You will not have to worry about an elaborate accounting process that takes a great deal of time. You can generally do this quickly because you only have to add a little bit to certain line items.

Simple to Understand

Another benefit of this strategy is that most people in the company should not have any problems understanding the budget. This is a very simple type of budgeting technique and even those that are not familiar with accounting techniques can keep up with it.

Simple Justification

Many budgets are difficult to justify to certain people in the company. With this type of budget, it is very easy to justify because you are only making incremental adjustments to the budget that worked last time. This is easy to explain and you should not have a problem justifying it to anyone.

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