A Look at the Various Types of TRICARE Plans

TRICARE plans are provided as a way to help pay for healthcare costs of active military members and it veterans. There are several different types of TRICARE plans that are currently available. Here is a look at some of the different TRICARE plans that are available.

Reserve Select

This type of insurance coverage is designed to help members of the reserve. When you have this type of coverage, you will be able to visit any TRICARE-authorized provider. They could be in the network or out of the network. You can also visit military treatment facilities on a first-come, first-served basis. With this type of plan, you are going to have to pay monthly premiums in order to secure coverage. There are different rates for individuals and families. You are also going to have an annual deductible that you will have to pay before full coverage kicks in.

TRICARE for Life

TRICARE for Life is another insurance plan that is provided for veterans. In the past, veterans were forced to utilize Medicare for health coverage once they reached the age of 65. However, with this insurance plan, you are still going to be able to take advantage of TRICARE even after you turn 65. This type of coverage is available to all veterans that are also eligible for Medicare as well as their spouses. With this type of insurance, Medicare is going to pay medical costs first, followed by any secondary insurance plan, and then TRICARE for Life will kick in and pay. 

TRICARE Standard

TRICARE Standard is a type of insurance coverage that is very commonly used by military members and veterans. With this type of insurance coverage, you are going to get the most flexible benefits of any plan that is available. Many people like this type of coverage because it allows them to see their own doctor. Instead of having to go to a specific facility, you can go to any medical provider that you want and pay certain amount of money. This type of coverage is known as a pay for service coverage. With this type of insurance coverage, you are not going to have to pay any enrollment fees. have you are going to have to pay both a deductible and a co-pay with this type of coverage. However, the fees that you have to pay for medical service are usually very reasonable and you will not have to worry about large medical bills.


This is another insurance option that you could choose from under the TRICARE umbrella. With this type of coverage, you are not going to have to pay an enrollment fee, and you can also utilize TRICARE standard. When purchasing prescriptions, you also will not have to pay any deductible as long as you use the appropriate pharmacies. With this type of insurance, you are not going to have to file your own insurance claims either.


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