Are AARP Insurance Programs Competitive Enough?

AARP insurance programs are offered through AARP Services, Inc. This unit of AARP, the largest advocacy group in the world for seniors with 38 million members, works in partnership with several insurance companies. These include New York Life Insurance and UnitedHealth Care Group. This partnership allows AARP to discount rates for its members as an association and provides insurance on a group underwritten basis.  These discounts are provided for their individual, group and guaranteed acceptance insurance products.

The programs offered through AARP insurance include AARP home insurance program, AARP auto insurance program, AARP health care plans and the AARP life insurance program.

AARP as an Association

Because AARP is an association, the rates that they offer for their life, health, long-term care and automobile insurance programs can be less than what seniors can find on their own. On this basis alone, AARP insurance programs are a better value for seniors in need of insurance coverage. By joining a group plan, seniors can save thousands of dollars per year.

AARP Insurance Offerings

AARP itself is not an insurance company. It provides its insurance products in partnership with its members and offers rates based on a group underwriting basis. AARP gives you access to better rates and good quality insurance. The insurance that you buy through AARP is the same quality, or sometimes better, as those products offered by private companies. Their group pricing makes them very competitive. They offer products specifically tailored to meet the needs of seniors.

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