Average Motorcycle Insurance For Married People

There is no average motorcycle insurance for married people. The type of motorcycle insurance that is available for married motorcyclists is the same insurance available for single riders. A person’s experience, age and driving history have a larger influence on a person’s motorcycle insurance than does being married.

Finding Information on Insurance

You would be hard pressed to perform a Google search and find much generic information on motorcycle insurance.  This would be especially true of a keyword search for married people motorcycle insurance.  What we can focus on is the types of coverage that offered – in general terms – and the companies that offer motorcycle insurance.

Requirements for Motorcycle Insurance

It should be noted that in some jurisdictions, it is required for a motorcyclist to carry some form of motorcycle insurance.  The standard types of policies that will need to be purchased will cover the motorcyclist’s liability in the event of an accident.  Additional coverage for theft and collision protection may also be layered in a policy, at a higher premium cost.

Need for Motorcycle Insurance

Regardless of marital status, the need for motorcycle insurance is great for all motorcyclists.  This is due in part to the fact that there is more exposure to risk riding a motorcycle than being in a car.  A motorcyclist’s experience driving the bike, coupled with the type of vehicle owned and the way it is used will have a bearing on the type of coverage needed and the amount of coverage.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

A motorcycle insurance quote can be given as a “25/50” or “100/300”.  This refers to a policy that provides per person liability coverage of $25,000 or $100,000 and accident coverage for all of the involved parties of $50,000 or $300,000.  There is no standardized coverage amount that is required by law so it is up to the insurance company and motorcyclist to determine the appropriate amount of coverage for the vehicle.  The higher the coverage limit, the more expensive the policy’s premium will be.

Married versus Single Cyclists

Given that a married person has a greater responsibility to another person, the need for motorcycle insurance would be greater than the need of a single person for coverage.  Unfortunately, there is no comparative information available online that suggests or supports this position and ultimately, all riders should carry at a minimum some amount of liability insurance.

Companies Offering Coverage

Companies such as GEICO and Progressive offer motorcycle insurance coverage for motorcycle riders.  These companies have special divisions that understand the nature of risk concerning owning or driving a motorcycle.  This understanding applies to both married persons and individuals equally.  The average rates or types of insurance policies that are purchased depend on the state or jurisdiction in which the motorcycle is ridden and other factors that the insurance company considers in its underwriting process.


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