Disability Insurance for Maternity Leave: How to Find the Right Coverage

When it comes to disability insurance for maternity, there are sure to be a lot of questions on your mind. As if getting ready to have a baby is not enough, you have to consider your financial situation. Believe it or not, if you set up everything in the appropriate manner, you can receive disability insurance that will serve as maternity leave pay. By doing this, you will have more money during your first few months with your baby–when you are not actually working.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Women are often afraid to seek out disability insurance payments during maternity leave because they think their employer will retaliate by firing them. While this is a valid concern, pregnant women have rights within the workplace. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act is meant to protect pregnant women against discrimination by their employers.

It includes many stipulations such as the following: an employer cannot refuse to hire somebody just because she is pregnant; if pregnancy-related health issues cause you to miss work, you must be treated the same as any other disabled employee; and if temporary disability benefits are offered to other workers, they must be offered to those who need time off due to pregnancy complications.

It is important to note that being pregnant is not a disability. That being said, there are many pregnancy-related health issues that make it very difficult, if not impossible, to stay on the job. These include things such as morning sickness and problems with mobility.

How Do I Get Maternity Disability Insurance?

If you are interested in maternity disability insurance so that you have income during this tough time, you need to know where to get started. If you already have disability insurance through your employer, you should be covered. This goes along with the information above on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Please note that some employers offer what is commonly known as unpaid disability leave. While you can take time off, you are not going to receive income during this period.

Those who do not have disability insurance through work should obtain it before they get pregnant. Remember, an insurance company will consider your pregnancy a preexisting condition. If you try to buy insurance once you are pregnant, you may be able to do so but will not be covered for that particular instance.

Many insurance companies offer disability policies. A policy generally covers approximately two thirds of your salary. But as with most insurance policies, this is the case only if certain conditions are met. Along with this, make sure you know the limits of the policy before making a purchase. As you shop around, you may find that some policies will offer coverage for only eight weeks or another predetermined amount of time.

Finding disability insurance for maternity leave is not as difficult as it sounds. If you already have coverage through your employer, double-check the benefits. If you are buying a policy, know what you are getting and be sure to read the fine print.

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