Does Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Extend to Other Riders?

Motorcycle insurance coverage may extend to other riders depending on your policy. Every policy should have the option of adding other riders to the coverage. If you do not name a person on your insurance policy, any damage that occurs may not be covered under your policy.

Coverage for Other Riders

The insurance company will ask for the names of riders you would like to add to your policy. The insurance company will check the driving record of those riders; this will come into play when determining the cost of motorcycle insurance. Some policies provide narrow coverage even if you do not name a person explicitly. If a person not named on your policy gets into an accident while riding your vehicle, their insurance may still cover the wreck. This depends on the time of insurance that person elected. 

Liability Coverage for Other Riders

Motorcycle liability insurance is as important as property coverage for riders. Motorcyclists are often sued by other motorists because of a stigma attached to riders as dangerous. Seeking a policy that covers you for liability for other drivers will protect your assets in the case of a law suit against you when you were not the one riding your motorcycle.

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