Does Your Business Need Renters Insurance?

Business renters insurance has coverage for all aspects of business rental and liability. Some businesses need business rental insurance. If you pay rent for the office or building your business is located in and you have customers or anyone else coming to the office, you’ll need it. This type of policy is usually part of a business insurance package.

What Does Business Renters Insurance Cover?

There are three key types of business renter’s insurance policies. Look for key coverage points when planning your coverage needs.

  • Liability for you concerning the public or employees. If a visitor or an employee is injured or suffers any property damage while on your property, you are protected from any lawsuit that could occur.
  • Property and building policies cover any damage you, your guests or employees may cause the business rental property. If your employee causes damage to the building you rent, it is covered by your insurance.
  •  There are business asset and equipment policies available. If a piece of equipment you own causes damage to your rental property, that damage is covered and you are covered in case of any lawsuit.

Why do business owners need rental insurance?

There are some misconceptions about business renters insurance. If your business is just starting, there are some things you should make sure you are informed of.

Some will tell you that you do not need renter’s liability insurance if you are part of a corporation. This is very untrue. If you are renting the property and building, you need insurance. Any business, that rents, no matter how small, is subject to liability. Your business should be covered for a variety of circumstances.

The building or property owner should also have some type of insurance on the building or property. Find out how much insurance the leaser has. Make sure your policy covers anything that that policy does not.

Included in most commercial business rental insurance is a loss in production due to disaster. Calculate what the cost would be if catastrophic failure happened and you could no longer conduct business in your rental unit. This would cover equipment replacement or repair, relocation cost above and beyond normal.

Consider how much liability coverage you will need. Is there a potential for your equipment or product to cause damage to the building or surrounding area. Could any damage happen to visitors or employees? All of these things should be included in your business renter’s insurance policy.

Find the best business renters insurance.

There are several places to go to find renters insurance. Asking your landlord is a perfect place to start. Using the same insurance carrier as your landlord could save some on your premium. It’s always good to shop around. Check with carriers of any insurance you currently have. Do a search online. Grab a phone book and call a few insurance agents. Find out what business rental insurance is offered. Shop around and compare notes and pricing. Choose a policy that will cover the best for the best price.

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