Event Insurance: What Does the Liability Portion Cover?

Event liability insurance protects your family from any liability associated with accidents that result in bodily injury or property damage during an event you have employed.

Liability Coverage

Event liability insurance coverage is a good idea, especially for things such as a wedding reception or graduation party. You can even include the venue’s name without any extra cost to cover them as well.

While there is no deductible for general liability coverage, there is a deductible for third-party claims resulting in property damage. You will need to check with your agent on what that deductible is.

The coverage for event liability insurance is as follows:

  • Property damage
  • Alcohol related accidents
  • Personal injuries
  • Bodily injury
The policy protects you in the above-mentioned areas in which you must defend yourself against a lawsuit or have to pay personal injury or property damages to a third party. While the policy covers a slip and fall during the event, exclusions may apply, so be certain to cover these with your agent.  Additionally, the policy can also pay for third party property damage or destruction while the property is in your care or control.

Other Coverage Options

Also covered under the general liability policy are host liquor liability and liquor liability. For host liquor liability to be eligible in your policy, there can be no charge for the alcohol during the event.  Liquor liability coverage should be purchased separately if you are charging for alcohol, and this coverage protects you in the event of bodily injury or property damage in which you will be held responsible for causing the intoxication of any person(s). It also covers instances in which alcoholic beverages are provided to minors; or violation of any statute, ordinance, or regulation regarding the sale, distribution, gift, or use of alcoholic beverages, depending on whether or not a license to serve or sell alcohol is involved.

When to Purchase

Ideally, you would want to purchase your event liability insurance policy at least 15 days prior to the event to give you time to look over the terms and conditions before you sign the contract. However, you should not buy the policy any later than 24 hours prior to your event.

Always read everything within the document carefully and if you are not happy with something, discuss it with your agent. Once the document is signed, you will not be able to change the terms and conditions.

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