Filing Your Property Damage Insurance Claim

Filing a property damage insurance claim can be accomplished quickly and easily if you observe the basic measures to do it. Here are some tips so you can be prepared should you need to file a claim.

Keep Insurance Documents in a Safe Place

Secure all related insurance papers and contracts in a safety deposit box or any fireproof case. Put it in an accessible place where you can retrieve the documents easily. You never know when a disaster will strike your property. Having the documentation handy makes filing a claim faster. It could also cause a dilemma if important documentations are not provided to the insurer.

Inform the Police and Insurance Provider

Do not wait for the next day to report the crime or accident that caused the damage to your property. Call the police authorities immediately and secure yourself copies of their investigation report. Inform your insurer at the soonest possible time. Tell them of your plan to file a property damage insurance claim.

Gather Pertinent Proofs

Document each property that's been damaged by taking photographs. Video footage of the aftermath is valuable evidence. If there are witnesses, make sure that their statements are noted in the police report. Submit these proofs along with the claim form to your insurance company.

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