General Insurance - Rating Challenges

Your insurance rating may be the reason you are denied coverage. Even if you are approved for medical coverage, your rating may be driving up your premium. An insurance rating is similar to a credit score; it is a number that sums up your history of medical issues and charges through a simple formula. You should be aware of this in case there is an issue that is misreported. If so, you may enter a rating challenge to request you are re-rated.

Finding Your Rating

The first thing you need to do in order to challenge your insurance rating is to discover why it is bad in the first place. You can contact your insurer directly; or, if you have been rejected, you can ask for a written explanation. In most case, a medical examination or other lifestyle factor is the cause of your negative rating.

The most common factors for denial are: obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking or drug and alcohol use. Whenever you confirm the issue with your insurer, you will want to request the response in writing. A written response will be necessary later. This is to prevent the insurance company from simply saying there are additional reasons for your bad rating in an indefinite cycle.

Make Necessary Changes

The first thing you will need to do is quit any health-altering bad behavior. Smoking is the most common issue, but the problem may also include drinking too much alcohol. Making these changes is challenging. There are a number of resources, such as therapy and medical rehabilitation centers that can help you make the necessary changes.

In all cases, implementing a healthier diet and exercise regime will create a better chance of low-cost health insurance for you. Whether or not you are obese, you will see positive changes as a result of a healthier lifestyle. Your blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate and body fat will all be improved with diet and exercise. You may consider consulting your physician or a nutritionist regarding suggestions. Again, whatever you do, ensure you are documenting the steps.

File for a New Rating

You will need to go back to a doctor for a physical examination to prove you have succeeded in changing the negative factors leading to your bad insurance rating. Your doctor should provide documentation of your efforts as well as a physical examination and highlight all improvements.

Next, you will need to mail this into your insurer. You should follow up with a phone call asking your insurer to re-rate you. If you have implemented changes to fix the problems that lead to your denial of insurance, the insurance company has an obligation to change your rating and accept you. You have legal rights in this case, and you cannot be disqualified from your insurer without an explanation.

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