How Does The AARP Lobby Affect You?

The AARP is a membership association for persons age 50 and older.  The purpose of AARP is to provide a voice to the more than 38 million members of the organizations and seniors in the United States.  The AARP provides services and programs designed to improve the quality of life for people as we age.


The AARP lobby is one of the largest voices in the Unites States in behalf of seniors.  Issues ranging from social security and Medicare to providing employment opportunities and driver safety education are some of the things that AARP is involved.  The AARP is an effective voice for seniors and has the membership backing and ear of the Hill to impact the legislative initiatives of every Congress and President.

Affect on Non-Members

The AARP lobby has little affect on most people who are not age 50 or older.  The AARP’s work strictly benefits the interests of seniors, such as grandparents raising grandchildren, homelessness, quality healthcare and assurances that seniors may be allowed to age with dignity. To the extent that the AARP may affect any individual non-member’s life who is not age 50 or older is negligible at best.

Protecting the Interests of Seniors

It is the aim, goal and desire of the AARP to protect the interests of seniors when meeting with congressional representatives and aides.  The AARP sides consistently with those organizations that are on the side of protecting the interests of seniors.  The AARP’s chief goal of protecting entitlement programs such as Medicare and social security as well as the ability of seniors to continue to work in the retirement years is never pursued to the detriment of other initiatives.

To suggest or hint that the AARP goals, mission and purpose run counter to or have an adverse affect on the interests of others who are not members of AARP is a misleading perception.  AARP works to represent seniors and by accomplishing their goals they benefit everyone.

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