How to Collect Claims Without an Insurance Lawyer

You can save a lot of money if collect your insurance claims without hiring a lawyer. Sometimes, you can wind up getting a larger claim if you do not hire a lawyer. You would probably be more committed to getting your money than a lawyer would ever be, and you would save about 40% of your money in the process. It makes sense to settle your own claim, particularly if the claim is small.

When to Hire a Lawyer

Whether you want to hire a lawyer or not also depends on the kind of claim you are involved in. Automotive insurance adjusters typically do not get bonuses for denying claims, and the insurance companies can incur heavy fines if they do deny legitimate claims. If you initially denied for a claim, it is unlikely this decision will change even if you hire a lawyer. This is not, however, the case with health insurance companies. Even if you want to file for pain and suffering, you do not necessarily need a lawyer.

In fact, in the majority of personal injury cases, all the lawyer will do is send in a demand letter for a two to four times the amount of your medical, knowing that you will probably get about half of that. You can save a lot of money by simply doing this calculation yourself.

Getting Your Information Together

Remember you must be the person listed on the insurance policy, or the beneficiary, in order to claim the insurance. It is especially important to be organized when handling an insurance claim by yourself.  First you have to find the contact information of all parties involved in the dispute.

If you are filing for a claim following an automobile accident, take pictures of the scene. Get a police report on the accident. Ask for the police report filing number before you leave the site of the accident. Also try to find witness statements that might help your case. You should also get an estimate of the amount of money you will owe in medical bills. Then you have to find the original insurance policy.

Filing Your Claim and Dealing with Your Adjuster

After you get all the above documents together, call the insurance company. Here is where you start the claim process. The insurance representative will ask you questions. Be as truthful and detailed as you can when answering these questions. Then, ask for copies of the company’s policies and procedures for collection in writing. Follow the company’s policy for collecting claims. Different companies often have different policies.

An insurance adjuster might come to your house to inspect your car. Do not ask for an unrealistic amount of money. If you reject the settlement, keep on working with the insurance adjuster until you reach a settlement that satisfies both parties.

Beware that adjusters often reassign claims amongst themselves, which makes your life more difficult.

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