How To Resolve Life Insurance Problems

When life insurance problems arise, an insurance policy owner should contact the insurance company and seek to resolve their issue. The customer service or policyholder support at an insurance company is in place to provide policy owners with assistance and information in order to help resolve their life insurance problem.

Speak with Local Agency

You may also wish to speak with the insurance agent that sold you your life insurance policy or agency that the policy was sold through. This provides you access to the life insurance company on a local level and a way to resolve problems that you have with the life insurance company or product. Agent complaints, customer service failures and other issues can be resolved quickly and easily when you meet with the agent or managing agent of the insurance company’s local agency.

Commissioner of Insurance

If the nature of the problem that you have is with the life insurance company itself or local agency, you may seek redress through the department or commission of insurance for your state. The state insurance commissioner is in place to deal with consumer complaints and problems that arise from dealing with an insurance company. The commissioner has a process that allows a consumer to lodge a complaint and to follow up with the life insurance company for its resolution.


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