Is It Hard To Get Custom Motorcycle Insurance?

Custom motorcycle insurance is a necessity for anyone with a custom motorcycle. Your custom motorcycle could be damaged or even stolen. This is a concern for all motorcycles but insuring a custom motorcycle is different.

Why is it Hard to get Custom Motorcycle Insurance?

Because a custom motorcycle is unlike the popular models out there, it is difficult for insurance agents to estimate its value. Without a Blue Book value to fall back on, insurance agents are left to determine the value of the bike on their own. They may be hesitant to offer you farmers motorcycle insurance for this reason.

The Problem with Replacing a Custom Motorcycle

Obtaining insurance can be difficult because of the high cost of replacing your custom motorcycle. While regular Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance might be able to replace a standard motorcycle for around $20,000, a custom motorcycle could cost twice as much to replace. The insurance that you buy for your custom motorcycle, aside from being difficult to come by, will not be the cheapest motorcycle insurance you will ever buy for this reason.

Custom motorcycle insurance is hard to get but it is still necessary. Even though your motorcycle will have a value that is difficult to estimate and will probably cost more than standard bikes to replace, you need custom motorcycle insurance. It is all that stands between you and potential tragedy.

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