Life Insurance: Dealing with Occupational Hazards

If you work in a profession that has several occupational hazards, you may find that it is difficult to purchase life insurance. Here are a few things to consider about life insurance and dealing with occupational hazards.

Occupational Hazards

There are certain careers that are considered to be more dangerous than others. If you work in one of these careers, you are at a higher risk of injury or death. For example, if you work in a steel mill, you are surrounded by dangerous conditions at all times. The same goes for a coal miner, firefighter, and many other types of careers.


When you try to buy a life insurance policy, you are going to go through an underwriting process first. This is when the insurance company looks at you and your line of work to determine if you fit into a high risk category. If they determine that you are at more of a risk of death than the average individual, they could ask you to pay higher life insurance premiums. If your job is too dangerous, they may not be able to extend coverage to you at all. Sometimes, you can look into purchasing a special life insurance policy for high-risk individuals as well.

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