Manage Your Small Business Risks Directly to Save on Insurance

There are many risks small business owners have to be able to deal with in order to be successful. There are many types of insurance that you could buy to insure directly against risks. However, there are also ways that you can mitigate risk without purchasing insurance. Here are a few ways to deal with small business risks without buying insurance.


Whenever you get the chance, you need to lease equipment and property. When you lease a piece of equipment or a property for your business, you can save on insurance. You will have to get only a renter's policy to cover your business possessions instead of having to purchase a policy that covers damage to the property. You can also avoid paying for insurance coverage on a lot of the equipment that you lease.

Drop Shipping

Many businesses warehouse large amounts of inventory and have to bring on staff in order to handle it. You may also have to buy forklifts and other equipment to move the inventory around. If you can drop ship from your distributors directly to your customers, you can avoid this risk. You will not have to worry about insurance coverage for these issues. 

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