Medicare Coverage Options

When looking at your Medicare options, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. There are a lot of different choices that you will need to evaluate in order to make the best decision for you. Here are a few things to consider about Medicare coverage options.


Medicare offers you 2 basic options for health coverage. You will be able to choose between Plan A and Plan B. With Plan A, you are basically purchasing hospital insurance to help with bills incurred when you are in the hospital. With Plan B, you are purchasing medical insurance to help you with doctor visits and other similar costs.

Medicare Health Plans

Medicare health plans are a variation on Medicare that is designed to provide you with more coverage. For example, you could utilize an HMO or PPO in order to give yourself more choices. This will allow you to choose from certain health care providers to give you the medical service that you need.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

There are also Medicare prescription drug plans that you can choose to purchase. These plans will help you with the cost of your necessary drugs.


Medigap insurance is designed to help you fill in the gaps of Medicare coverage. This type of plan will help you with your co-pays and coinsurance percentage as well as cover expenses that are not included in regular Medicare.

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